How Kinetico Systems protect
your health, the environment
and save you money

The Environment

Mother Nature approved

Kinetico allows you to enjoy quality drinking water without the waste, pollution, and depletion of natural resources associated with plastic bottles.

Energy efficient

Instead of electricity, Kinetico water systems use the energy generated from moving water to power the filtration process.

Because soft water reduces the amount of cleansers and detergents you use for cleaning, you’ll reduce the amount of harmful phosphates in your waste water as well as the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing and transportion of those products.


Less time and money cleaning

Kinetico conditioned water eliminates lime buildup and rust stains, plus it cuts down on soap scum—and less cleaning means spending less on cleaning supplies.

Energy savings

Realize major savings on the second biggest energy user in your home: your water heater.

Extends life of appliances

By eliminating lime scale buildup, water-using appliances can easily outlive their warranty.

Bye-bye, bottled water

Plastic bottles are more expensive, less convenient, potentially harmful to your health and environmentally unfriendly in every way. Drink, safe, chemical free water from Kinetico for only pennies a glass.



Our systems remove harmful contaminants from drinking water including viruses, bacteria and pharmaceutical residue. Drinking water fresh from your own faucet eliminates your risk of exposure to harmful BPA toxins in plastic bottles.

Kinetico protects the well-being of your children, pets and all other members of your family by offering the highest quality treated drinking water available.


Safe drinking water

Crystal clear Kinetico drinking water can be enjoyed straight from the tap without foul odors or tastes—telltale signs of impurity. Even ice cubes are free of cloudy imperfections.

Clean foods, tastier meals

Foods washed and cooked using Kinetico filtered water make your favorite recipes taste even better.


Softer, smoother skin

Kinetico's soft, dechlorinated water eliminates odors, tastes and drying effects of hard water on your skin and hair.

Brighter colors and longer-lasting clothes

Kinetico conditioned water cleans the way water should, by completely ridding laundry of dirt and grime.

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Water Facts
The amount of oil used annually to make plastic water bottles is enough to fuel 100,000 cars for a year.
Just 1 percent of the Earth's water is freshwater suitable for drinking; the other 99% is salt water or inaccessible.
Recent research shows that 22% of bottled water tested contained man-made chemicals and bacteria.
Recent studies show each day an average American uses 100+ gallons of water - that's enough to fill a car's gas tank 7 times.
Nearly 80 million people in the U.S. depend on well water, which is not regulated by the Safe Drinking Water Act.
Many water pipelines in the U.S. were put in place before 1975. Aging pipes can contribute to drinking water contamination.
There is no such thing as new water. It's recycled, not created - meaning the water we drink today is millions of years old.
Most bottle water drinkers have no idea where the water came from; bottlers are not required to share the water's source.
More than two million tons of plastic water bottles end up in landfills each year. They can take up to 1,000 years to decay.
Drinking purified water may help protect against the short and long-term illnesses linked to water contaminants.