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New! Chemical-Free Systems
Nothing to add…
NO Chemicals, NO Salt, NO Electricity
Kinetico’s new alternative for those who want to aviod using salt or chemicals to resolve their water problems.

Chemical Free Water Softener System Features

  • Nothing to add
  • No salt or chemicals needed
  • Totally automatic system
  • No buttons to push
  • Non-electric operation
  • No timers to set
  • No electrical components to fail, reset or replace
  • No wasted backwash water
  • No drain required

Nothing to do but enjoy quality water at every faucet on your home.

    • Great-tasting water from every faucet in your home
    • Protects your skin and hair from chlorine damage
    • Stops chlorine damage in plumbing and appliances
    • Stops hard water scale in plumbing and appliances
    • Prevents hard water scale build-up in water heaters
    • Saves money by keeping water heaters efficient
    • Non-electric system saves electricity and money
    • Saves water with backwash free operation

Save Water… Save Electricity… Save Money!