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Improve Your Water Quality With a Saltless Drinking Water System or Saltless Whole Home System

The quality of your water can be easily improved with a saltless purification system. Harmful minerals and bacteria in your home water system will be removed to make water safe and taste better. The saltless drinking water system from Kinetico purifies water without electricity and sodium chloride. This is the salt-free water softener that benefits you and your home.

Rainwater is soft water when it falls from the clouds but it picks up contaminants and minerals when it hits the ground and seeps into the water table. While city water treatment facilities sanitize water for home consumption, they don’t eliminate all the minerals that lead to bad taste, soap scum buildup, and problems with water heaters and other appliances.

Softer water not only tastes better, but it is good for your skin and hair when you bathe. The purified soft water helps with rashes and other skin concerns.

In addition to improving taste, a salt-free water purification system will:

  • Prevent the build-up of salts in appliances that use water
  • Extend the life of these appliances from hot water heaters to coffee pots
  • Make cleaning showers, sinks, and other fixtures easy
  • Save on electricity

Hard water affects every part of your home that uses water. This includes your plumbing pipes that can clog with lead and other debris from water with a high content of salts and minerals.

TX 1440 Whole House RO System

TX 1440 Whole House RO System

This is the most advanced system from Kinetico. It removes impurities that cause odors and bad taste. The system includes the semipermeable membrane filter that traps these contaminants. Only pure water can pass through the finishing-stage carbon filtration system.  The TX 1440 also features a disinfection generator and a large capacity tank. Drinking and cooking water is the best with this whole house water softening system.

Your dishwasher and washing machine will appreciate the purified water, as well. The saltless water filtration system will prevent the large-scale buildup of soap scum and useless minerals, including salt, that can result from hard water. This also keeps your plumbing pipes cleaner.

Scale Reduction System (SRS)

Scale Reduction System - SRS

The SRS helps prevent the buildup of scale in plumbing pipes and appliances without using electricity. The system works quietly 24/7 to reduce your need to repair or replace appliances, including the all-important hot water tank.

UV Whole House Disinfection System

UV Whole House Disinfection System

Our ultraviolet whole house purification system provides complete safe water through microbiology. Electricity is needed to power the UV system that eliminates bacteria and other impurities in the water as it passes through the intense UV light.

Florida Water Quality

Water in most areas of Florida, including Tampa, Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Leesburg, is considered hard. Water pollution is an environmental problem due to flooding from storms, toxic dumping, and carbon emissions. Details of contaminants in Florida’s counties are included in the state’s tap water database.

The average water hardness for the Florida resident is 100 – 300 Grains Per Gallon. The Orlando area measures about 129 PPM and Tampa is around 220 PPM. The EPA sets water quality standards and regulations.

The Kinetico saltless water systems will purify water in all the communities with substandard water from the state’s aquifer.

Water Quality in Nevada

Las Vegas is considered one of the worst cities in the country for water quality. The hard water is rated at 267 PPM, according to the Las Vegas Valley Water District 2021 Water Quality Report.

Water in Las Vegas comes from Lake Mead and groundwater. The water is considered safe to drink, although many people complain about the taste.

Kinetico serves Las Vegas homes with the TX 1440 Whole House RO System to purify the water and remove all the contaminants. This is the best water purification system for Las Vegas and surrounding communities.

If you live in any of the areas in Florida with hard water or in the Las Vegas Valley and you are unsure of the water quality, contact us for a free water test. We will check the purity of the tap water in your home. This includes an analysis of any potentially harmful chemicals.

We are happy to explain about our saltless systems that will improve the quality of drinking water in your home.