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If you have well water, you’re bound to be very familiar with sulfur. Sulfur is the common “rotten egg” smell that many homeowners face on a daily basis. Sulfur, which is a common problem in Florida, can leave residue and stains on appliances, fixtures, and even clothing.

When people experience high amounts of sulfur in their home, their appliances suffer first. Hydrogen sulfide can corrode silver and copper. That’s pretty bad news for your fixtures, both inside and out. Yep, inside as well.

Don’t overextend your resources. Give us a call and make the switch to clean, odorless water with Kinetico Water Systems.

The Power of Kinetico

Sulfur is a common issue in Florida, and quite the unpleasant issue. Kwater believes that no one should have to suffer with unappetizing tastes and poor odor. Take advantage of Kinetico’s innovative sulfur solution that’s taking the stink out of homes all over the country.

Sulfur solutions provide a comprehensive remedy for foul-smelling “rotten egg” water. Unlike other systems that use multiple treatment stages and are expensive and difficult to maintain, there’s not much you need to with a Kinetico Sulfur Guard™ filter but enjoy your water. Let our Water Specialists do all the hard work so you can enjoy purified water!

These systems use the force of moving water to power itself. Using the power of Kinetico’s name, kinetic energy, these sulfur solution systems take electricity out of the equation, creating a simple, reliable around the clock operation!

Sound good? Great! Schedule your free water analysis with no obligation to identify any additional contaminants within your water supply!

If any impurities or contaminants are identified, our technicians will recommend the best system for your water needs.

Sulfur Guard

Sulfur Guard

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard System takes care of hydrogen sulfide problems in a single, easily maintained unit. Unlike typical systems that require multiple stages of expensive, cumbersome, high-maintenance equipment, the Sulfur Guard rids your water of bad odor and taste simply and efficiently.


Sulfur Guard

A Kinetico Aeration system can not only treat sulfur but it can also be used to oxidize dissolved iron, which makes it easier to filter out.

Sulfur Solutions in Las Vegas, NV & Florida

If you live in the following cities, and you are in need of a sulfur solution, you’ve come to the right place!

Kwater is the premier provider of sulfur solutions in Las Vegas and Florida. Kwater Treatment provides the best sulfur solutions possible, schedule your free water analysis and get to the bottom of what’s flowing from your faucet. If you have any questions regarding sulfur solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can answer your questions.