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Why you should consider water softeners in Tampa?

Water softeners in Tampa are investments that pay for themselves very quickly. Little maintenance is required. Salt, that is relatively cheap, needs to be added occasionally. Water softeners are needed to remove or lessen mineral content found in hard water.

Clothing and dishes washed in soft water have less spots, streaks and soap residue deposited on them. Softened water requires less soap or detergent to be used. This makes the system cost effective, by reducing the amount of cleaning products that need to be purchased. Less soap film accumulates, making cleaning and maintaining sinks, tubs and showers easier. The minerals in hard water precipitate and adhere to anything they touch. Softened water eliminates a gritty feel on the surfaces of appliances and dishes. Appliances that use water, such as: washing machines, hot water heaters, dishwashers and irons will last longer without the mineral build up that occurs from hard water.

With less mineral deposits accumulating in plumbing systems, clogs and corrosion in the pipes and fixtures are reduced. This expands the life of the home’s plumbing system. The fixtures can also operate more effectively.

Softened water is more easily heated. Utility bills are reduced when a water softener is used. Water heated more quickly means water heaters can work more efficiently. A 20-30 percent reduction in energy consumption has been suggested. Washing machines work better, clothes last longer and look better.

Magnesium and calcium are removed by water softener systems. Our bodies need calcium and magnesium. The levels of these minerals found in hard water, however, are often considered unhealthy. Softened water does not have sodium. It is safer for those on low-sodium diets.

Water softeners improve the taste of water. Fluoride dispensers can be attached to some systems to give an even greater benefit. Because less soap is needed, hair and skin are softer. Skin does not feel dry or itchy after bathing or showering, there is relief from eczema and dandruff as well.

In a nutshell, the cost of a water softener system can be recouped rapidly. It provides the homeowner with savings on repair and utility bills. It is healthy for both individuals and the environment. The cleaning workload is reduced.

If you are looking for a free quote on a complete water softening system installation or just want to discuss the benefits of installing a water softener in the Tampa area, we can help. Contact us anytime at (813) 961-1051 to schedule a service call today!

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