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Well Water Solutions

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Well Water is No Match for Kinetico

Having well water can be tricky. See, unlike city water that comes from treatment plants, well water is drawn from the ground where it can pick up all sorts of stuff. Sometimes, there are things in it that you can’t even see or notice when you drink it.

One big problem with well water is that it often has what’s called “hard water.” This means it has lots of calcium and magnesium in it. That might not sound too bad, but it can really mess up your appliances, pipes, and even your skin and hair.

Another common well water issue is sulfur. Sulfur produces a foul odor, commonly referred to as the Rotten Egg smell.

The most effective way to delve into your water concerns is to test your home or business’ water. Kwater offers free, no obligation water analysis. Once you schedule an appointment, our Water Specialists will test your well water and identify your concerns and determine a solution.

Discover Well Water Solutions from Kinetico

Kinetico offers two types of well water solutions. Each solution result in crisp, clean water but target different areas of concern. If you’d like to improve your well water, Kwater recommends treatment options including Whole House Reverse Osmosis and Water Softener systems.

Water softeners treat hard water, meaning that your home or business’ water is considered mineral heavy. A buildup of minerals affect hair, skin, and even laundry. Hard water doesn’t allow soap or detergent to properly dissolve, leaving a frustrating, soapy residue on appliances.

So, how do Water Softeners really work? Essentially, water softeners trade mineral ions, resulting in what’s referred to as an “ion exchange”. In order to do this, the tank is filled with salt-coated resin beads. The beads flow through the tank and affect the mineral cased on positive and negative charges.

Whole House Reverse Osmosis (also known as RO) takes a different route to tackle water impurities. RO systems go directly to the source, using osmosis to remove minerals and other dissolved solids from your water.

To achieve this, the water is pushed through a semipermeable membrane. Think of it like a filter; the water passes through, leaving behind the contaminants such as lead, detergents and soaps, nitrates, sulfates, chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, pesticides, and more.



If you live in any of the following cities and are experiencing any of the water problems listed above, Kinetico has the solution:

The best way to pinpoint the cause of these common issues is to test the water in your home. Kinetico offers a free, no-obligation water analysis to help you pinpoint the cause of your water concerns and provide you with the best solution to remedy them. Contact us to schedule your free water analysis and receive a quick quote.

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“Love my new water system. The difference in the water is phenomenal. And the customer service is awesome as well. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Casa S

“By far this is the best company for service and water filtration needs. Tod L was terrific with his show and tell process for the difference in our water with and without the system.”

Colene M

“It has been installed for 2 months now and it has been great – our water was about as bad as it could get…… extremely hard water and sulfur smell, both issues have been taken care of. I recommend Kinetico by KWater, great water and easy to maintain.”

Dale B0

“Awesome knowledge, thoroughly demonstrated how contaminated my water was. Explained thoroughly how my water could be better by explaining the kinetico filtration system and what a wonderful warranty they have.”



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