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When City Water Simply Isn’t Good Enough

While city water municipalities are operating with good intentions, the government’s water standards are simply not always aligned with ours. City water may be treated but its long road to your home brings impurities and contaminants with it. Save yourself the hassle and choose a water solution that eliminates contaminants from your water.

Contaminants are nothing to be trifled with. In fact, the amount of contaminants found in our homes have left more than 20 percent of water systems in the United States in violation of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Combined with the number of pharmaceuticals that have found their way into our drinking water, as well as the chlorine used to disinfect against bacteria and other impurities, a cleaner solution is necessary for truly purified water.

The Fine Line Between “Safe” and “Clean”

What’s considered “safe” and “clean” are two very different things. Municipalities are not providing unclean water for the sake of it. Instead, cities and their governments often lack the resources and funds to ensure truly purified water.

Numerous studies have been conducted to evaluate America’s drinking water. The results have been less than stellar. Be informed of what’s flowing from your faucet with these unnerving facts about today’s water conditions:

  • Annually, 1.2 trillion gallons of untreated sewage, stormwater, and industrial waste are dumped into U.S. water. (Source)
  • Daily, 2 million tons of sewage, industrial, and agricultural waste are discharged into the world’s water (UN WWAP 2003), the equivalent weight of the entire human population of 6.8 billion people. (Source)
  • In the United States there are thought to be over 20,000 known abandoned and uncontrolled hazardous waste sites and these sites could contaminate the groundwater if there is a leak. (Source)
  • Nitrate from agriculture is the most common chemical contaminant in the world’s groundwater aquifers. (Source)
  • The American Society of Civil Engineers gave the United States’ drinking water system a D rating for more than 2 trillion gallons of treated drinking water annually, “legacy and emerging contaminants” that are in need of monitoring, and pipes that are pushing the limits of their 75 to 100 year lifespan. (Source)


While water treatment facilities test water quality on site, the scores are not alway accurate. The tests are done before the water travels through the city’s distribution system; a system that is usually outdated.

Throughout the transition between the water treatment facility and your home, water can pick up contaminants that then flow from your faucet.

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If you live in any of the following cities and are experiencing any of the water problems listed above, Kinetico has the solution:

The best way to pinpoint the cause of these common issues is to test the water in your home. Kinetico offers a free, no-obligation water analysis to help you pinpoint the cause of your water concerns and provide you with the best solution to remedy them. Contact us to schedule your free water analysis and receive a quick quote.


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“Love my new water system. The difference in the water is phenomenal. And the customer service is awesome as well. I would recommend them to anyone.”

Casa S

“By far this is the best company for service and water filtration needs. Tod L was terrific with his show and tell process for the difference in our water with and without the system.”

Colene M

“It has been installed for 2 months now and it has been great – our water was about as bad as it could get…… extremely hard water and sulfur smell, both issues have been taken care of. I recommend Kinetico by KWater, great water and easy to maintain.”

Dale B0

“Awesome knowledge, thoroughly demonstrated how contaminated my water was. Explained thoroughly how my water could be better by explaining the kinetico filtration system and what a wonderful warranty they have.”



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