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Why purchase several systems when you can combine several features into one comprehensive solution?

Kwater Treatment thinks you should be able to combine what you need, where you need it. That’s why we’re offering combination systems so your entire home or business can achieve pure water in one system.

What are Combination Systems?

Kinetico’s combination systems combine dual function systems together, essentially merging four water filtration systems into one satisfying solution. With various models available, we are able to provide flexible and tailored options that can address a host of water filtration and/or water softener needs. Concerned about heavy water loads? Not to worry! Our systems regenerate based on demand, improving your system’s lifespan.

Does a combination system sound like the right choice for your home or business? Give us a call and schedule your free water analysis! At no obligation, an experienced Water Specialist will visit your home or office and test water for impurities and contaminants. Our analysis allows us the opportunity to get an in depth look at your water so we can choose the best combination solution.

Contact us to speak with a Water Specialist today. We’re looking forward to answering your questions and providing the next steps for better water.

Kinetico Premier Quad Series

Kinetico Premier Quad Series

The unique multi-tank system provides a reliable, continuous supply of clean, softened water with no timers or computers to set, adjust, repair, or replace. In addition, Kinetico water softeners are protected by a 10-year warranty.

Contact a Water Specialist here at Kwater to see if a combination system is right for you.

Combination Systems in Las Vegas, NV & Florida

If you live in the following cities, and you are in need of a city combination system, you’ve come to the right place!

Kwater is the premier provider of combination systems in Las Vegas and Florida. Kwater Treatment provides the best combination systems possible, schedule your free water analysis and get to the bottom of what’s flowing from your faucet. If you have any questions regarding combination systems, don’t hesitate to contact us today so we can answer your questions.