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Clean drinking water can no longer be left to city standards. The quality of your drinking water affects your family’s health and well being. City water is plagued with contaminants from a long distribution track and lower standards of what is considered “clean”.

Kwater Treatment provides the best drinking water systems possible without wasteful plastic bottles. Schedule your free water analysis and get to the bottom of what’s flowing from your faucet.

Once we identify your home’s unique water issues, we can tailor a drinking water system to best fit your needs.

K5 Drinking Water Station

K Water Kinetico

The K5 is our most advanced reverse osmosis system available. Certified to remove more contaminants than any other system, it can produce more than 40 gallons of water a day—nearly three times the industry average. Thanks to FlexFiltration, its multistage filtering system is fully customizable and expandable to fit your water’s specific filtration needs should they ever change. The K5 Drinking Water Station is protected by the best warranty in the industry.


K Water Kinetico

The AquaKinetic is a small, convenient water system with a three-stage filtering approach that provides clean, refreshing, filtered water for drinking and cooking. Featuring a reverse osmosis membrane and filter cartridges, this system combines quality water with low-maintenance operation. It comes with a 5-year warranty.