Common Water Problems

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Have you noticed funky smells or tastes coming from your faucet?

Is your water dirty or cloudy?

Homes in Florida and Las Vegas are noticing that their water may not be up to par with Kinetico’s high standards. We believe that every home deserves fresh laundry that leaves your clothes as bright as the day you purchased them, the luxury of soft, silky hair and skin, and shiny appliances that aren’t weighed down by rust or residue.

There are a host of factors that can affect your water’s smell, taste, and overall feeling. Take a peek at some of the most common cause of water concerns:

Hard Water


Hard water is the most common culprit, in Florida and Nevada. Hard water dries out skin and hair, causes soap residue to build up in tubs and showers, and leaves spots on faucets and shower doors.

“Rotten Egg Smell”


Hydrogen sulfide gives your water an unappetizing taste and foul odor. Many homes, particularly those that have well water, find that water containing hydrogen sulfide is so overpowering that it’s considered unusable.

Iron and Manganese


Iron and manganese (also known as magnesium) leaves rust stains on appliances, fixtures, and even clothing. It can also cause foul odor and taste.

Chlorine taste or smell


Chlorine is used in municipalities to disinfect water supply; however, Kinetico suggests that it’s filtered out prior to faucet flow. High levels of chlorine dries out skin, hair, and is overall unappealing.

Cloudy Water


Without filtration, “raw water” enters your home with a number of impurities and contaminants, causing turbidity.

Musty, earthy, fishy taste or smell?


That foul smell is caused by algae, molds and bacteria within your water. Without proper care, these impurities can multiply within a home’s plumbing system. Yuck!

Common Water Problems in Las Vegas, NV & FL

If you live in any of the following cities and are experiencing any of the water problems listed above, Kinetico has the solution:

The best way to pinpoint the cause of these common issues is to test the water in your home. Kinetico offers a free, no-obligation water analysis to help you pinpoint the cause of your water concerns and provide you with the best solution to remedy them. Contact us to schedule your free water analysis and receive a quick quote.