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This past summer my cousin Cindy and her two young daughters visited us from southern Florida. One of the things we talked about was her daughter Sissy’s eczema. The itching at times is almost unbearable especially in the heat of the Florida summer. And to top it all off, some children are starting to pick on her about the appearance of her skin. I remembered reading recently about a study done by Kinetico and “talkeczema”, one of the UK’s largest eczema support groups. Some members of “talkeczema” received a Kinetico water softener for a three month trial. At the end of the study, a substantial majority of the participants reported less itching and reduced severity of their eczema. Since she mentioned that she was considering an extreme move to Alaska for relief from the eczema, I suggested to Cindy that it might be worth it to give a water softener a try. I know from my own travels to Florida that the water there has seemed quite hard, so I was sure there was room for some improvement in that area. I had no idea how dramatic the changes would be.

Cindy sums it up better than I ever could, “I cannot believe the change in Sissy’s skin. About a week after installing the softener I stopped using [the antihistamine], a couple weeks later I stopped the steroid cream. Today her skin is absolutely beautiful. There are some spots still healing, but she no longer scratches.” When Cindy had some problems with the installation and was told that there might be a lot of work involved in getting the system to work correctly in her older home, she had this to say, “The thought of not having the soft water was devastating to me as it would be like washing Sissy in battery acid.” Fortunately, the installation issues were resolved without having to revert back to hard water.

Sissy’s knees and hands before…

…and after

So there you have it. I’m no water expert, nor am I a doctor. All I know is the water softener helped to relieve my young cousin’s skin condition. I get the feeling that there is no way Cindy would ever choose to live in a house without soft water again. She had this to say, “I am extremely happy with the Kinetico product. Take a look at the attached pictures, the improvement in her skin is unbelievable. She is much more comfortable as well. The more the word gets out there about water softeners and eczema the more children and adults can be helped.”

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