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As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, Americans are busy preparing the perfect feast and deciding who to include on their guest list. While turkey and football will always be the main stars of the show, many people may not realize that water also plays a key part in the annual Turkey Day festivities.

These fascinating water facts are perfect for anyone to share with their loved ones as they all gather around the dinner table. Not only will they have the opportunity to learn something new, but they’ll also see one of America’s favorite holidays in a completely different light.

1. Over 500 gallons of water are required to produce 1 pound of turkey.

Before everyone begins carving the big Thanksgiving turkey, they should take a moment to think about the massive amount of water that went into creating their meal. That number alone should be enough to make people think twice about running the water for too long while doing their post-dinner dishes!

2. Anyone can stay slim over the holidays just by staying hydrated.

No one should have to wait until summer to start working on that beach bod. Before chowing down on that delectable Thanksgiving Day feast, it’s crucial to drink plenty of water. This helps curb the appetite and stops people from going for too many second or third helpings.

3. There’s a better way to wash veggies than running the tap.

Normally, running fruits and vegetables under the water is enough to clean them properly. However, Thanksgiving calls for a much higher volume of produce than usual. To save water (and energy), place veggies in a bowl filled with water and soak them until they’re ready for consumption. For bonus points, use purified drinking water for extra safety and cleanliness.

4. Pitchers can help save water and money.

Most dinner hosts fill each guest’s glass and serve it to them. While this seems like a common courtesy, it may end up being a significant source of wasted water. A smarter strategy is to fill up a water pitcher before the feast and place it in the center of the table. This encourages each guest to take as much water as he or she needs. Additionally, hosts won’t have to pour unconsumed water down the drain at the end of the evening.

Making the Most of Thanksgiving With a Water Filtration System

These water facts can help homeowners approach Thanksgiving with an open mind and a better understanding of water waste. From soaking fruits and vegetables in a bowl to staying hydrated before the big meal, every small step makes a difference in the long run. To ensure that everyone does their part in saving money and water, it’s best to invest in a quality water filtration system that provides each guest with safe, hig

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