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There are many benefits to owning a water softener. Cleaning is made easier not having to scrub iron stains and soap scum build-up (not to mention no need for harsh chemicals), water using appliances last longer and are more efficient and clothes, towels and sheets last longer. Another benefit of soft water that people enjoy (and it’s not just ladies, we receive calls from men too) is softer skin and silkier hair.

Each year, starting around October, we begin to receive calls from home owners concerned their water softener is not working properly. After spending time in a discovery process conversation, we find the caller has based their concerns on dry and/or itchy skin and sometimes even ‘fly away’ hair. Typically the problem is seasonal dry air—when temperatures have changed and humidity levels have strongly reduced. Couple the dry air with furnaces and space heaters and homeowners may experience dryer than normal skin, even with a properly functioning water softener.

An easy way to spot check your water softener, to ensure its supplying soft water, is to wash your hands. If your hands feel squeaky when rinsing, this is an indication of hard water which is the result of hardness minerals clinging to your skin. Slippery feeling water when rinsing is the result of feeling the natural oils your skin produces.

If you’re still not sure your water softener is working properly, a technician can be scheduled to come to the home and test the water. Or, perhaps you can take a water sample to your local Kinetico dealer for testing.

There are wonderful, natural and affordable skin products on the market that can assist your water softener in getting you through the dry season. My personal preference is olive oil soaps and lotions. I’ve even found how-to articles and videos online that walk you through a step-by-step process on how to make them.

By Diana M

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