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Water Filtration

Water is essential for survival, and one cannot risk consuming unfiltered and impure water. Untreated water contains bacteria, pesticides, herbicides, organic compounds like carbon and nitrogen, which cause severe illness and skin diseases. Hard water has also proven to degrade and disrupt the quality and running of appliances as well as heavy machinery used in industries. 

Merely boiling water cannot solve these issues as a recent study proves that boiling water will not get rid of the pesticides. Thus, water filtration and purification is needed to ensure healthy living.

Kinetico’s Water Filtration Systems

Kinetico Water Systems are well-known in the water purification industry and have been working for five decades. We deal with water softeners, drinking water filtration, and reverse osmosis systems. These excellent and high-performing systems ensure fresh and clean water in your home for drinking, cleaning, washing, and bathing. Kinetico also caters to the water problems of the chemical, food, and agricultural industries; as well as, catering to the water needs of hospitals, restaurants, malls, etc. 

Kinetico’s Water Filtration Systems

The contamination from biological microorganisms, fast-growing pharmaceuticals, and petrochemical industries has deteriorated water quality and taste, resulting in musty smelling water. Kinetico realizes these concerns and carefully manufactures the following customized, economic, and eco-friendly water filtration systems.

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water Station – uses reverse osmosis to resolve the toughest water contamination challenges, providing the highest quality drinking water.

Aqua Kinetic A200 Drinking Water System – This is a three-step system with a high-frequency pre-filter, effectual reverse osmosis membrane, and carbon post-filter that eliminates impurities providing sufficient quality drinking water.

MAC Guard Filter – eradicates unpleasant metallic taste, discoloration, and odor, refining water quality.

WH-NS Multi-Purpose Cartridge with NanoSmart Filtration – is an advanced ultrafiltration device that warranties to provide outstanding performance, quality, and flow rate of water.

Striking Benefits of Kinetico’s Water Filtration Systems

Non-Electric Kinetico stands out for its non-electric water filtration. It creatively uses natural resources like gravity and working water as power for purifying water. These electricity redundant filtration systems have carbon, removing pollutants like organic compounds, microorganisms, microplastics, and physical contaminants, providing fresh and clean water for various domestic use and drinking purposes. Kinetico’s non-electric filtration saves the cost of wiring, thus increasing the life of fixtures, appliances, tubing channels, etc. 

Non-Polluting Mechanism
Kinetico filters are known for their environmentally-sound mechanism, which produces zero to none waste products. It inhibits excessive plastic waste accumulation by limiting bottled water, thus being eco-friendly for humans in our ecosystem.

Premium Quality
Kinetico never compromises on quality. It provides its customers with premium quality, softer, more transparent, and cleaner tasting water for various domesticated and industrial purposes. It ensures fresh and crystal clear water, free from microplastics or any other physical or chemical impurities. Kinetico’s exceptional water quality is trusted by many and used in offices, educational institutes, industries, restaurants, agriculture, and households.

Easy on the pocket
Pure and clean water is a necessity and not a luxury. Kinetico fully recognizes this need and specializes in constructing and installing economical and budget-friendly water filters. Superior quality soft water does not require much soap and detergent when washing, laundry, and even bathing. Thus, Kinetico’s clients experience a substantial reduction in the cost.

Long-Lasting Products
These non-electric systems do not require any maintenance. As they are void of electricity, the chances of having any electrical issues are null. Therefore, these non-electric and maintenance-free filters increase the life of appliances, fittings, tubing channels, and even clothing.

Kinetico – A World Renowned Brand

Kinetico has been successfully providing clean and healthy drinking water to its customers for more than five decades. Over time, the Kinetico team has won many hearts by its top-notch water filtration systems and supremely talented and cooperative team of individuals. Kinetico has garnered attention, love, and trust from over 100 countries across the world.  

Kinetico’s services and products maintain the same standard of quality from day one, which has resulted in gaining undying loyalty and confidence from our prestigious international customers.  

‘Live Better With Clean Water’ – Call us now or visit Kinetico’s website to learn more about our beneficial products and services because you deserve what is pure!

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