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Water challenges at home are frustrating enough, but when it starts to impact the quality of your business, you can’t afford to ignore it. Thankfully, Kinetico has a variety of solutions designed to address specific water issues.

Struggling with hard water? Tired of the foul tastes, smells, or contaminants lingering in your water? Not to worry! All of our Kinetico solutions begin with a free, no-obligation water analysis to help you identify what’s affecting the quality of your water.

Afterward, we help you understand our findings and offer you a list of solutions available to remedy it. With so many systems built around efficiency and long-lasting results, we guarantee we can solve your water problems without creating new ones.

Take a look at a few of our commercial water solutions.

Commercial Water Softeners

We set the standard with a unique design that offers continuous soft water, 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance. Non-electric operation eliminates downtime and other problems associated with electrical component malfunctions.

Since Kinetico water softener systems clean themselves automatically with soft water, you’re assured the best possible efficiency and water quality. Kinetico Water Softeners can be configured to supply soft water to applications demanding up to 225 gpm.

  • Automatic, non-electric operation
  • Metered, demand operated
  • Soft water, countercurrent regeneration
  • Maximum hardness reduction
  • Efficient, low cost operation
  • Corrosion-resistant


Kinetico’s CP Series water softeners are made to handle commercial applications. Used to provide soft water to a boiler, water heater, car wash, or reverse osmosis system, CP Series softeners perform reliably and efficiently, with no downtime for regeneration.


Kinetico’s CC Series water softeners are designed to fit into your kitchen. Typically used to feed soft water to a particular commercial equipment or application, this series provides continuous soft water without sacrificing space. CC Series softeners can be installed on a hot water line up to 150°F


Dechlorination System is easy to install wherever you need it. An advanced up-flow design eliminates the need for backwashing, so your Dechlorination System is always online and performing optimally.


The HYDRUS® Series Commercial Water Softener is a powerful softener that comes with incredible control. Enjoy this high-powered, versatile softener that can be combined to meet your home or businesses demand and water needs. Hydrus can also be controlled through one Hydrus Smart controller so you can manage your system easily and efficiently.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis

Kinetico’s High Capacity Reverse Osmosis systems supply high quality water for commercial and light industrial applications, offering flow rate capacities from 225 gallons per day to 43,200 gallons per day. Each product line features a multitude of standard features that are relative to the equipment size.

The patented EverClean Rinse™, available with all Kinetico commercial reverse osmosis systems, automatically cleans the systems’ membranes with high quality water to prevent membrane fouling and to ensure optimum water quality.

TS Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis System


The TS Series Reverse Osmosis system provide purifies water for commercial spaces. An advanced filtration system delivers high quality, purified water by removing total dissolved solids. No matter how high your demand is, the TS Series can handle it by producing up to 8,000 gallons of water a day!

TQ Series Commercial Reverse Osmosis System


Enjoy purified water for small commercial spaces with Kinetico’s TQ Series. Built with several features including a compact, expandable system. Designed to maximize water concentration, the TQ Series is a responsible, water purifier for small businesses.

Commercial Water Solutions in Las Vegas, NV & FL

K Water by Kinetico is the premier commercial water treatment company in the following cities:

If you live in any of these cities, we would like to extend our free water analysis offer to you. If your commercial water needs to be treated, our experienced team of professionals will be sure to give you the best advice on the best options for you and your business. We offer top of the line products like Kinetico water softeners and filtration systems. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today!