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Don’t gamble with your water! Choose a solution that will make a difference in your home and life! Kwater Treatments is taking pure water into our own hands, providing clean, green, water solution machines!

Many homes and commercial properties are outsourcing their water treatment to Kwater because we share a common goal to provide safe water that is also purified!

Kwater Treatment benefits include:

  • No more soap scum and scale build-up. Save time cleaning and get better results with soft water.
  • Enjoy whiter, brighter laundry with every wash! Soft water prevents fading and extends the life of your clothes!
  • Experience smoother skin and silkier hair!

Soft water is making a difference in homes all over the world. Our water systems flow from better thinking. The best minds in the industry have set up shop with Kinetico to bring the latest clean water innovations to your home or office.

Together, we are improving water quality so that our purified water meets your standards.

Comprehensive Combination System Solutions

Whether you have a large family or you own a bustling, business space, some water needs are more demanding than other. Combination systems take your high demand and meet them with vigor!

Kinetico’s combination systems combine dual function systems together, essentially merging four water filtration systems into one satisfying solution. With various models available, we are able to provide flexible and tailored options that can address a host of water filtration and/or water softener needs. Concerned about heavy water loads? Not to worry! We even have models capable of regenerating based on demand, improving your system’s lifespan.

Does a combination system sound like the right choice for your home or business? Give us a call and schedule your free water analysis!

At no obligation, an experienced Water Specialist will visit your home or office and test water for impurities and contaminants. Our analysis allows us the opportunity to get an in depth look at your water so we can choose the best combination solutions.

What Can You Expect from Kinetico

Kwater Treatment provides brilliantly simply water treatments that are tailored to your water needs.

We will install any of our whole house water conditioning systems or one of our state-of-the-art drinking water systems, or both, in your home absolutely free! At end of the trial you can buy or rent the system or we will remove it with no cost or obligation.

There aren’t any risks with Kinetico. When you choose a system, you know exactly what to expect.

What can you expect from Kwater Treatments? Experience…

  • Over 20 systems to choose from
  • Sodium Free
  • Automatic, non-electric operation
  • No timers or dials to reset
  • Self cleaning, virtually maintenance free systems
  • Longest all inclusive warranty in the industry

We are your local Authorized Kinetico Dealer in Las Vegas, with additional locations in Daytona, Orlando, and Tampa, Florida. Between our experienced technicians and wide array of professional services, it’s easy to see why so many homes and businesses are choosing Kwater for their water needs. Give us a call at (702) 897-7177.