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Want to lose weight, have better skin and hair in the new year?  Drink more water.

Water should become your best friend.  It not only does wonders for your looks; it could be the missing link to your weight loss!  In fact, water will make you look younger.  By flushing out all the impurities in your skin, you will be left with a clear, glowing complexion.  Also, saggy skin due to aging or weight loss will soon look full and luscious when the skin cells are fully hydrated.

Water is also a necessity when it comes to exercising because it helps improve muscle tone.  Many people don’t understand why they work out all the time and have a hard time seeing results.  Your muscles need to be hydrated to contract more easily, making your workout more effective, and your desired results more noticeable.

Not drinking enough water may be what is holding you back from losing that little bit of extra weight.  The simple act of drinking the right amount of great tasting, quality water can be extremely beneficial to dieters.  By drinking the right amount of water, your body will perform at its best, burning fat and calories, while allowing the body to metabolize and shed excess fat.

For those of you who are not consuming the amount of water needed for your body, you actually may be increasing your body fat.  When your body gets dehydrated, the body seeks water from other sources, including fat cells.  If your fat cells have less water there is less mobilization of fat for energy.  Also, without water, your kidneys wont be able to function as well, putting extra stress on the liver slowing down its ability to metabolize as much fat as it should.

Water is also a great substitute for snacking throughout the day.  It naturally suppresses your appetite and helps you digest your food properly.  Increasing your water intake will naturally speed up your metabolism allowing your body to better absorb nutrients from the foods and nutritional supplements you consume each day.  You will have the results of natural, healthy weight loss.

So the next time you are thirsty, try drinking a glass of great tasting Kinetico water.  The right amount just might help you lose weight, look  better and feel great.

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