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Is drinking water your home’s only water safety concern?

As water treatment professionals, most of our time is spent thinking about improving the quality of either drinking water or working water. (Working water is water used for cleaning, washing clothes, cars, dishes etc.) For drinking water, we often focus on aesthetics and health concerns, and for working water we typically just focus on the […]

The Water Conditions in Ethiopia, Part One

In August, I was able to visit northern Ethiopia to look at some of the drinking water issues.  As you might guess, there are many, ranging from polluted water to almost no water at all.  That made it interesting to discover the inhabitants of Adwa and Aksum rely on a reservoir.  The reservoir water is […]

Pea Soup: Algae Blooms, Cyanobacteria, and Other Nasty Things in the Water

Given the fact that many of us are deep in the throes of “Old Man Winter” the following has probably been forgotten and is not currently on our radar—for now! The threat of what occurred last summer could again, and probably will be a reality. Photo Credit: Jeff Reutter Last August something happened to us […]

Finally, something older than dirt.

We know how important water is to us…but where did it come from? The conclusions of a University of Michigan team, recently published in Science magazine, state that up to 50% of the water now on Earth may have existed before the birth of the sun, 4.5 billion years ago. The article states “water is […]

Third Party Certification of Water Treatment Products

L. Heiden has been in the water treatment business for more than 25 years. Currently, she is a National Account Executive for UL and is an active member of the Water Quality Association. Several years ago, I happened to be traveling in Mexico to do some product training. I was out and about one day […]

Tiny Bubbles—The Chemistry of Carbonation

If you read the title and started humming the song, then you are probably at least as old as I am. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you will have to wait till the end of this blog post to find out. Chemically speaking, the term “carbonation” is somewhat misleading in […]

Understanding the In-Home Water Test

Kinetico Dealers offer free in-home water tests. Many people call Kinetico Consumer Relations to ask why we require a representative in their home to test the water. Some are concerned that they will be subjected to a hard-sell salesman who won’t leave until the homeowner makes a purchase. Some view the water test as hocus-pocus […]

How does a carbon filter work?

Most drinking water applications involve a carbon filter, either by itself or as part of a more complex system. As I said in a previous post, many reverse osmosis system have a carbon filter as the post filter. There are many stand-alone carbon filters too—think about the water coming out of your fridge or the […]

Cyanobacteria and Microcystins

Recently nearly half a million people using Lake Erie for drinking water were warned not to use it. The reason for this is increasingly common in Lake Erie and other surface waters. By the time fall and late summer have rolled around, enough excess nutrients have washed into our waterways that the natural balance can be upset. […]

Kids and Drinking Water

Ew, Yuck! That is the commentary I received from my five year-old when he tasted the contents of the bedtime cup of water I brought for him. I filled it from the new state-of-the-art carbon filter I recently installed in our upstairs bathroom. We have a Kinetico reverse-osmosis drinking water system downstairs in the kitchen, […]

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