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Even with modern conveniences such as microwaves, automatic bread makers and convection ovens, cooking can consume a lot of time and effort in the kitchen.  However, a simple solution can make a difference in the taste and appearance of prepared foods-quality water.

Most people who own drinking water systems use them strictly for drinking purposes.  But, it would be worth their while to use that quality water for cooking as well.

From soup stock to coffee and tea, clean, clear, quality water lets the vibrant flavor of food and beverages really come through by eliminating the negative smells and tastes sometimes associated with ordinary tap water.

A common element found in tap water, particularly in municipal water systems, that can wreak havoc with your culinary skills, is chlorine.  Although it is essential to disinfect municipal water supplies, chlorine can alter the taste and coloring of foods.

Another snag that may put a damper on your dinner plans, is hard water.  Hardness in water can shrivel steamed vegetables and cause the colors in food to fade.  The ideal method is to blanch vegetables in quality water for five to seven minutes, or just until tender.  This will ensure you get the desired color, texture and flavor from them.

Pasta is another food that falls prey to hard water.  Noodles cooked in hard water tend to become mushy and clump together.  But with the use of treated water, your pasta dishes will turn out “Magnifico!”

Food is not the only thing that will benefit from treated water.  Fruit juices, coffee, tea and any other beverage made with water will improve because quality water eliminates the need to mask the taste and odor found in tap water.  Also keep in mind that since treated water has nothing to hide, you can add more water and less flavoring to your prepared beverages.

So the next time you are planning that big meal, consider the benefits of having quality water in your home.

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