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Electric Water Softeners

All automatic water softeners were originally electric and used a clock that measured the time the unit was in service. A mechanical device, operated by the clock, required multiple adjustments to regulate the backwash, brining, rinse, and other functions necessary to clean the resin bed. Water used in the regeneration cycle could be taken only from the source of supply – raw water which had not been cleaned or softened – and during this period the user was either without water or was provided with raw water, depending on the type of unit.

The cleaning mechanism had to be adjusted according to the type of water- and the amount and time of water usage. Consideration had to be given to such things as laundry, dishwashing, bathing, and all water requirements so that an adequate supply of clean, soft water was available when these water-using functions were in progress.

Unexpected changes such as excessive water usage at odd times or power failures were not considered with this configuration, resulting in the loss of conditioned water. To overcome these unexpected changes, most electric units were programmed to regenerate more often than necessary resulting in a greater use of salt, water, and electricity. With the electric unit, the possibility of electric shock was always present. And electrical components were prone to malfunction in the damp, salty environments in which water softeners were so often installed.

Non-Electric Kinetico Water Conditioners

The coming of the Kinetico Water Conditioner, the first non-electric, twin tank, completely automatic system, removed all of the pitfalls associated with electric units and provided some added advantages.

Kinetico systems have two tanks joined by a single module that automatically regulates brining, backwashing, rinsing, and shifting from one tank to the other when required. With Kinetico Water Conditioners, no adjustments are necessary. Kinetico systems measure the volume of water used with a meter that turns as water flows through it. Only clean, soft, filtered water flows through the non-corrosive internal control mechanism, which is completely sealed. The use of two media talks allows Kinetico Water Conditioners to regenerate with soft, clean water to more effectively renew the resin bed and greatly reduce the amount of salt and water needed. There is no “downtime” when conditioned water is not available.

The possibility of electric shock is completely eliminated since Kinetico Water Conditioners use no electricity. Guest buttons or manual regeneration methods are not needed with Kinetico systems, and disconnection at vacation is unnecessary. Maintenance is reduced to the simple procedure of periodically checking the salt level. Kinetico uses no clocks, no electric valves, no electric sensoring devices, or any other complicated arrangements necessary to regulate regeneration. Kinetico systems regenerate only when needed. Kinetico is in a class by itself offering a completely new and virtually trouble-free system that provides an unlimited amount of clean, soft water at the very lowest cost and upkeep.

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Non-Electric, Sodium-Free Water
Compare Kinetico Quality Water SystemsKineticoAll ModelsCulliganGold Series™RainsoftTC Models™Puronics(IGEN)™Leaf Water(STO)™
Automatic, non-electric operation?YESNONONONO
Electrical part problems eliminated?YESNONONONO
Provides treated water to your home while unit self-cleans?YESNONONONO
Provides clean, conditioned water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week?YESNONONONO

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