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Why You Should Test Your Water Supply

Contamination Concerns

It seems that everyday there is a new story about public water systems being contaminated with hazardous materials of one sort or another.  The state of our country’s infrastructure is crumbling due to age, overuse, and lack of maintenance.  Even folks with private water wells are at risk of their groundwater becoming contaminated.  This is not to say people should panic or be worried.  To the contrary, awareness is the first step toward preventing and correcting any problem.  Do you have concerns about the quality and safety of the water in your home?

Water Quality Concerns

Most of give little thought to how and where water is used in our everyday life and home.  We often take for granted that we can walk up to, and turn a spigot for instant water.  We wash our clothes with little thought as to when and how much water is consumed to clean our laundry.  We give little thought to the water in the coffee maker percolating in the corner, until the machine stops working.  We tend to not even notice issues with our water until something isn’t working properly or someone’s health is negatively affected.

Quality of Life

As is evident in the third-world countries, a life without clean water is very hard.  While we may not experience the same struggles as they do in those third-world countries; the quality of our water impacts our quality of life.  For instance, does Flint, Michigan ring a bell?  Access to clean water is not the only way water affects our quality of life.  Clean water improves the taste and smell of cooked food, improves health, lengthens the overall lifespan and improves the operation of appliances, requires less detergents for cleaning, and saves you money.

When You Should Test Your Water Supply

Primarily Five Instances for Testing

Listed below are the recommended occasions for getting your water tested.

  1. As soon as something such as taste, odor, or color changes in the water dispensed in your home.
  2. When purchasing a new home (some states require testing and meeting specific standards prior to title transferring).
  3. Fixtures are showing signs of buildup, or water-flow is slowing.
  4. Water and Electric bills are rising.
  5. Appliances not working or burning out, for instance water heaters not heating water, dishwasher not cleaning dishes, coffee maker not operating.

Not Sure Where to Start?

People around the world look to Kinetico for custom solutions to their water problems.  And so can you.  Simply click the link below and fill out the form to schedule a free water test, and your local water professional will contact you within 24 business hours.

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