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Has water usage gone up at your home during quarantine?

An at-home drinking water system eliminates your need for bottled water and gives you and your family safe, clean drinking water every time you turn on the faucet.

At Kwater Treatment, we have many drinking water systems, including the most advanced purified drinking system on the market. The Kinetico K5 is the only drinking water system that is certified to guard against viruses — including the coronavirus, bacteria — and more contaminants than any other reverse osmosis system.

Kinetico K5 Purefecta Guard & the Coronavirus

With the Purefecta Guard, the K5 will remove more than 99.99 percent of viruses, 99.999 percent of protozoa, and 99.99999 percent of bacteria, creating biopure drinking water. Although the coronavirus is not usually spread through water, the K5 Purefecta Guard is designed and certified by the Water Quality Association to remove the coronavirus as well as SARS. If you would like to provide your family with more protection against unsafe drinking water, the K5 Purefecta Virus and Bacteria Guard could be your solution.

Kinetico K5 QuickFlo Technology

The Kinetico K5 drinking water system will give the cleanest water possible in the comfort of your home. With FlexFiltration, its multi-stage filtering system, the Kinetico K5 is fully customizable to fit your water filtration needs. K5’s QuickFlo technology delivers more than 40 gallons of high-quality water a day, meaning you will not have to wait for clean water. The K5 fits comfortably under your sink or any other convenient space. It is also easy to maintain with it only needing sanitation and a filter change every year or every 500 gallons of water usage.

K5 Auxiliary Cartridges

Along with the Purefecta Guard, the K5’s revolutionary dual FlexFilters provide other customizable filters for specific home and commercial filtration needs.

VOC Guard: Reduces organic compounds, such as cleaning products, pesticides, insecticides, paints, and other chemicals.

Arsenic Guard: A high level of arsenic has been found in groundwater in many states including Florida and Nevada. Long exposure to arsenic could result in many adverse health effects. This K5 filter guard is specially designed to filter and completely remove arsenic from your home drinking water.

Chloramine Guard: An increasing number of water treatment plants are using chloramine instead of chlorine to disinfect water. Chloramine can cause an unpleasant taste and odor and can even cause water to become corrosive. With the Chloramine Guard, you can reduce chloramine in your drinking water.

Perchlorate Guard: Reduces perchlorate, which is a byproduct used in forms of manufacturing and found in drinking water and groundwater. Perchlorate can cause adverse health effects on the thyroid and has been detected in 35 states.

Mineral Plus: This additive cartridge allows you to add beneficial minerals, including magnesium and calcium to your treated drinking water.

Call Kwater Treatment about installing the Kinetico K5 in your home today!

Coronavirus Update: We Are Still Open

Kwater Treatment is an essential business during the coronavirus pandemic and will remain open to provide our community with clean and safe water. We are proactively implementing measures to protect our clients, team members, and their families. While we won’t be offering any handshakes, we will be offering our same, amazing service! Please stay safe during the coronavirus outbreak .

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